Movavi Video Editor 14.4 Activation Key

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Movavi Activation Key

Have you ever found yourself with a bunch of videos and pictures of – let’s say – your last vacation and looking for an entertaining way of showing them to your friends and family? It always feels like a bitter challenge to achieve this in the best possible manner. If you feel stuck, then this might be the program for you. No more boring slideshows, now you can take out whatever part of the videos that you don’t want in your movie, add photos, special effects, titles and much more to showcase your videos in a nearly professional way.

Movavi Video Editor 14.4 Activation Key

Movavi Video Editor 2023 Crack + Activation Key

Movavi Video Editor activation key also supports many audio formats, so you can add music or voice over to your videos and even edit or equalize your audio files from within the program itself. After you’re pleased with the results, save them in one of the supported formats and share them with others. It’s as simple as that and one of the main reasons this program has gained such a popularity among common users.

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Key Features

  • You can use videos and images from various sources to create a movie.
  • It has a series of ready-to-use transitions and titles to give your movie a more finished look.
  • With the editing options you can adjust some of the characteristics of your videos like color or brightness.
  • The program is so widely used by now that there are available tutorials for pretty much anything that comes to your creative mind.

Advanced Features

  • It has a sound equalizer that will allow you to modify and adjust settings of the audio files that you include in your movie.
  • No more shaky videos, you can get rid of that with this program in just a few steps.


There’s a free version you can download from the program’s official site so you can review it and decide if it’s exactly what you’re looking for. Even if you get the paid version, you’ll have a 30 days money-back guarantee.

The full version of the program sells for USD 39.95, which is a pretty reasonable price considering that you’ll get a lifetime license.  Below the full price list, all the prices are for a single computer:

Use Operating System Video Editor Video Editor Plus Video Suite
Personal Windows USD 39.95 USD 59.95 USD 79.95
Mac USD 39.95 USD 59.95 USD 69.95
Business Windows USD 79.95 USD 119.95 USD 169.95
Mac USD 79.95 USD 119.95 USD 139.95

System Requirements

There is also a Mac version; here we’ll list the minimum requirements for the PC version:

  • Dual-core processor, it can be Intel or AMD.
  • Windows XP or later.
  • 250 MB of available disk space for the installation.
  • At least 512MB of available RAM memory (this is for earlier versions of Windows, recent version need more memory)
  • An NVIDIA GeForce or AMD Radeon graphics card.
  • A monitor with at least a 1280 x 768 resolution.

Remember that you will be working with both video and audio, so the more resources you have the better.

Movavi Video Editor 14.4 Activation KeyMovavi Video Editor 14.4 Activation Key

How to use?

It’s quite simple really, you just have to upload your media files and organize them in the order that you would like for your movie. The interface is completely user-friendly, so you won’t be confused with too many tabs and options. You can use video clips or photographs, just add the ones you want and then take out the segments that won’t make it into your movie. There are tools to adjust lighting and color and you’ll even be able to correct some defects like shaky images on your videos.

The program has custom transitions and titles that you use to give your video a more professional look, which definitely gives you a boost of confidence to keep enjoying all of the editings and arranging and ultimately gives you a novel hobby. You’ll even be able to add some special effects like slow motion. Add music and voice-over to give the finishing touches and then save your work in the format of your choice. Many of the most popular video formats are supported and the makers are always working on keeping up with the latest trends and innovations.

That is in a nutshell how you can get from a bunch of short videos and pictures to a pro-looking movie that will impress your friends and family.


  • It’s really easy to use; you don’t have to be an expert to be able to create your personalized videos with this program.
  • It available in 14 languages, most major ones are supported.
  • A great number of users worldwide providing free tutorials on almost any issue you might encounter.


  • The trial version adds a watermark to your video when you save it. You’ll have to buy a license key if you want to use the software for something other than just getting to know its capabilities, so this might be a red flag for some.


There are many video editors on the market, you can even use the one included with Windows (if you’re a PC user) but not all of them offer everything that you need to start creating movies right away. Movavi Video Editor, for instance, is really easy to use, everything is accessible through its graphic interface. You’ll be cropping and pasting parts of videos in no time. Synchronizing the audio track is a no brainer with this program and you can even make a few adjustments from within the program, so you won’t have to go back and forth between programs to get the right fit. The makers accept criticism and suggestions from users in the right way and this definitely contributes to the whole package.

Although it is true that you’ll get a watermark on the videos that you save using the evaluation version, it’s also true that it’s a good idea to check it out to see all that you can do with this video editor. Considering all the amazing features, the end price seems reasonable for both personal and business users.

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